So I updated Fire alpaca and loved the changes made to the watercolor brush. The results I was getting from it reminded me of the dangan ronpa art style, so I decided to draw and color one of my characters like that. |’D


not sure which one I want to use for the event eAe;


Laylana on top for Yuki (16min)

Unknown Darkrai character for Tyn (13min)

It appears to be the night of anti-gravity hair XD


It’s okay, Guy. You can tell that house corner how it is next time 8’D *shot*


what am I even….

got lazy in the end :I

Wip of a pic for Palace’s most recent minievent

100 Themes - 3. Light

now for a break from this thing orz


Feel free to drop by any questions for Laylana~

Questions for my zoroarks are also acceptable, but questions for Laylana will get greater priority

just wanted to see if there was recent improvement